Provide a large number of PAX second-hand POS machines for a long time


We recycle second-hand POS machines in China. We recycle various types of POS machines all year round. Now we have recycled many types of POS machines from PAX manufacturers. We want to provide machines for foreign customers.

The main manufacturer we provide is PAX, which provides almost all PAX-produced models, because we currently receive many orders from regions outside of China, including orders from Iran, Turkey, and some Cambodia.

The PAX models we provide are:

PAX D210Mobile Edition

PAX S90Blue mobile version and telecom version

PAX S910Low version Okura Okura, high version Okura

PAX S58 mobile version

PAX Smart Terminal A920

In addition, other export POS terminals are also provided, as long as you need, I can provide them here.
Because most of the POS terminals are manufactured in China, there are a lot of these models on the market here. I also know that you are looking for Chinese partners.

PAX S910

We will also provide some technical consulting services on POS machines.

PAX D210 G
PAX A920

Every day we have a large number of suppliers provide us with more PAX-produced POS terminals, and our partners are all over China.

We need our channel partners to need PAX’s POS terminal for long-term stability.

Welcome to become our partner, you can contact us by email.

This is our email address:


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